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What To Ask When Hiring A Subcontractor For A Home Remodeling Project

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

When it comes to a home remodeling plan, there are several questions the homeowner needs to ask when they start looking for contractors. They need to ask the right questions that are important to the process to get clear, precise answers. Below are some of those very important questions homeowners need to ask to know about who they will hire in order to get the home improvements they want.

First, ask how long they have been in business. Those who have been working for many years will have the experience to know how to get the job done, as well as how to handle any unforeseen circumstance. If someone hasn’t been around for that long, yet you feel comfortable with him, it is recommended to have the subcontractor start with a small project. If he passes your technical and service expectations, then hire him to do a bigger project. Next, ask if he has a license, as state law requires proper certifications for subcontractors to do home modeling. Ask to see it and look for any red flags in the type of work or if there is anything on record that could indicate a possible problem.

Ask about the timeline of the entire project, as you should, and the subcontractor, have a specific idea for the start and finish of a project. Also ask about how to contact each other and the preferences, as well as any other important person who can also be reached when you’re away. Email or phone, ask about the hours when it is best to call them. Be on the same page when it comes to asking questions at the right time. Ask them in full about how that will be handled, especially when you put stuff down in the contract.

A good subcontractor also knows how to properly clean up when the day is over. Ask them how that protocol works and make any rubbish is disposed of properly such as rusted nails, cut wood, shavings, paint, and other debris. They should also store the tools in a proper place or take them back. Part of a successful remodeling project is keeping a clean workspace when the subcontractor and the team has left. However, people will find it hard asking the question, “What will you do to protect the area,” because it sounds mistrusting. But it is your place and the subcontractor must be reminded that and should do whatever it takes that no damage occurs. Ask about the use of covers, what is being worn, and what things should be taken out to prevent them being damaged also.

People who can ask questions are the customers because they are prepared and have done their homework. When contacting a subcontractor in Montgomery County, remember to follow up with these questions to know who is the right man or team for the job.

To verify the status of a contractor's license is the state of Maryland you can go to the following link Choose the occupation and start your search.

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