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Why Hire Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Contractors for Home Remodeling in Maryland?

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

If you are looking for a contractor for home remodeling or handyman services in Montgomery, Maryland, then you must consider some important factors. Your home is your sanctuary and you should only trust the best with it. If you fail to hire a reliable and skillful contractor, your home remodeling could turn into a disaster.

Here are three things you must ensure about your contractor before you go any further:

Contractor Should be Licensed

When it comes to a licensed contractor, the state of Maryland has certain standards that the contractor needs to meet. Hiring a licensed contractor is not just about reliability but it can save you from multiple hassles. A licensed contractor means that they meet the minimum insurance requirement, they can help you get a building permit if your specific project requires it, and ensures that they have the required experience for the service you have hired for. The licenses are trade specific. For example, an electrician will have a different license from a plumber. Each varying license is awarded on the basis of education and experience in the said trade.

Remember that licensing and registration are not the same. Licensing means that the service provider has passed exams to prove competency while registration is just a written record. It does not guarantee the contractor’s experience or competency in a given trade.

Contractor Should be Bonded

In Montgomery, Maryland, it is obligatory for contractors to be bonded. A surety bond company issues the bond license to the contractor. The surety bond is very beneficial for the homeowner hiring the services. It can protect their financial interests in case the services are not completed properly, permits are unpaid or the contractor fails to pay the sub-contractors or meet other financial commitments. In case of bonded contractors, the homeowners will not be held liable for unpaid workers and supply bills. Moreover, if the home suffers any damage during the service provision, then the bond can be helpful to the owner.

Contractor Should be Insured

In Maryland, contractors are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. Hiring an insured contractor protects the homeowner against liability and workers’ injuries. Insurance will cover the damage to the property during the contractor's work. It will not replace the cost of repairing or rehiring for the results of poor work. That is covered by the surety bond. In case of workers getting injured during the work, workers’ compensation will pay for the lost wage and medical expenses regardless of whose negligence it was. It also offers the worker’s family benefits in case of death.

Reading the above information, it is proven that ensuring these factors before hiring contractors can save everybody a lot of hassle. If you live in Montgomery, Maryland, learn more about the license, surety bond, and insurance requirements for contractor companies in the state. It will not only ensure a sense of reputation for the company you are hiring but save you from unwanted expenses.

To verify the status of a contractor's license is the state of Maryland you can go to the following link Choose the occupation and start your search.

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